JotSys Microsoft Office Automation Software

Free Download

No information or email is necesarry to download. Click here to download the Microsoft Office Automation Softwar

The free vesion has full features, except it has limited number of documents you can use in the software.

Paid Version

No limits on the number of documents you can use in the software. Download the free version first, then purche a license.

$45 / License / Year. Each license has 2 seats. Meaning you can install it on 2 different machines, or it can be used by 2 users.

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How to Install

  1. Download the software.

  2. Run the JotSysMSOA.exe installation program.

  3. Select your language.

  4. Select where you want to install the software. Select the default value if possible.

  5. Make sure you check the Shorcut selection.

  6. Done

If you can not run the software. right click on the exe, select properties, and click on Unblock, click ok.

How to use


  1. Create a Microsoft Docuemnt that has the following 3 placeholders.

  2. Run the Microsoft Office Automation Software

  3. Righclick in the middle and select Add a Document.

  4. Look for the document you created and select it.

  5. Righclick in the middle and select Edit placeholders for selected document.

  6. Enter the 3 placeholders you created, as seen from the image. Then click Save.

  7. Click on the Print button, and enter values for the placeholders. Click OK.

  8. You will get an output like this.

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