How To Purchase And Register a Domain Name

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What Is Domain Name

Think of a domain name as a phone number. Phone numbers are unique exactly like domain names, they are unique. When people call you, your phone will ring!. The same with domain names, when people type your domain name on a web browser, they will be presented with your web site. This happens very fast!

Where To Buy Domain Names For Cheap Prices

Some web hosting companies offer you a cheap domain name ($1, for example) when you purchase it, and then charge you a very hight fee ($39/Yr, for example) when you renew. They are banking on that you will not bother with $30 extra per year and switch to another domain registrar!

HardWebCafe.NET, charges $9.99 (+ $.18 for Taxes & Fees) total of $10.17 per year and every year for a .com domain. Transparent pricing, clean, and no tricks!
Tip: When you buy a domain name, buy it for 10 years or more. This will give you a boost with Search Engines. It shows them that you are going to stay there for a long time!
Tip: Make sure to read the rest of the post for very important tips that will help you rank better with search engines when you select domain names.

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Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS has been used since 1985 and it is a naming system for computers, services, or other resources connected to the Internet or a private network. It job is to translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating computer services and devices with the underlying network protocols.

In easy terms, people can not remember IP addresses, but they can remember names. So instead of you type '' on a web browser, you can type HardWebCafe.NET, which much easier to remember. DNS will map HardWebCafe.NET to '' and connect you to the server that has the '' address and hosts that domain name.

IP Address

IP address is an internet address having information about how to reach a specific host. Host is usually a server (big computer). Generally, there are two notations in which IP address is written, dotted decimal notation and hexadecimal notation. One server could have more that one IP address and can host many domain names!

Domain Names Extensions

Domain name extensions consist of the top-level and (sometimes) a second-level domain. The top-level domains are recognized by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) also it is in charge of maintaining the DNS system.

Most famous generic top-level domains

  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .INFO

Tip: .COM domain name is the most important, try to select if if you can.
Tip: when selecting a domain name, do not use underscores in the name. Try to use dashes. For example: use instead of
Tip: Make sure the name you select is as short as possible. But easy to remember.

Web Hosting Services/Companies

This is the web hosting company that provides services such as the software and hardware that helps host your website and domain name. Web host companies provides management tools for your domain's website. In addition, your domain name could be hosted by one company and your website could be hosted by another.

Domain Name Registration

The act of securing a unique domain name for a period of time. Minimum period is one year. Before the domain name expires, you must to renew it, otherwise, you will lose it. Companies usually give owner 7 days after domain name expiation date as grace period, and give him/her chance to renew the domain name.

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Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL technology encrypts the information that is transmitted between a web browser and a web server. SSL is good for websites, since it scramble confidential data, like personal and credit card information.

Domain Lock

A condition in which a domain cannot be transferred and DNS changes cannot be made. A customer may choose to lock a domain to ensure that no unauthorized changes may be made to it. To learn how to lock/unlock a domain, please see our detailed instructions in the

Domain Parking

Hosting providers have Domain Parking services if you register a domain name without the the need for immediate web site. Your domain will have to use a nameservers that does not have a corresponding website and will direct users to a parking page when they try to access your website via the domain name.

Masked URL Forwarding

The method of redirecting the web requests for your domain name to another website, without showing the new website name or domain name on a user's browser. The user will think that he/she is using your domain name.


A software tool used to look up registered domain names. It tells you lots of valuable information about a domain name such as registrar, when the domain was created and when it was renew and when it will expire. Also it shows you administrative user, technical, and billing contact, email addresses and phone numbers. However, if you chose privacy protection when you purchase your domain name, all of your information will be hidden to the public.

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