SOAP note for SEO!

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What? SOAP note for SEO, are you kidding me?. No i'm not.
This is a good example for clients seeking SEO services and explaining to them why SEO services is important on-going process in order to stay in good shape in the eyes of search engines.
In other words, to get the blessings of the search engines.

The SOAP note (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) is a method of documenting patient visits by health care providers. Each SOAP note then is added to the patient's chart using an EMR/HIS Software.

Subjective: is all about the patient, the patient will tell the nurse taking the notes about his/her issues. Every thing the patient say will be documented in the Chief Complaint section.

  • EMR: I think I have Diabetes and I don't feel good. I want an affective long-term treatment!
  • SEO: I'm a divorce attorney and search engines visitors do not find my firm on first or even second page when they search for "divorce attorney itasca il"!

Objective: now it is the healthcare team turn to do their job by asking questions and performing tests.

  • EMR: the Nurse will take vitals and other data. The provider will perform exams and ask questions related to your illness.
  • SEO: the SEO expert will take information about the law firm and website. Also, he will ask the lawyer what keywords he would like to be found under and what locations his firm serves. In addition to other expectation set by the lawyer.

Assessment: now the provider will assist the situation and tells the patient what is wrong.

  • EMR: Yes you have Type 2 Diabetes, the ICD code is E11.65.
  • SEO: Yes, your firm does not show at all on the first 4 pages of Google! Your website is not optimized. Your website missing vital data. Your website is not using schemas. You are losing business!

Plan: the provider will create atreatment plan for the patient to treat what was assessed in the Assessment part.

  • EMR: Exercise every other day for at least 45 minutes. Stay away from bad food. Take your new Diabetes medication every day.
  • SEO: We need to optimize your website and Google+ account and list your firm in few directories with good reputation. Make you website's content rich and more useful. We will make your visitor have good experience when they visit your website and get the information they want. We will perform weekly audit, test and updates to make sure you are getting better results on search engines. We will do the necessary changes to make it easy for search engines to crawl and understand your website and give you better index in the search results. We will install our blazing fast SEO framework on your website to help it rank better with rich comparative keywords and locations. It will create automated contents for your website, such as, posts, dynamic pages, tips and make your website becomes SEO-friendly. We will monitor hits and visits to your website and make sure you are getting good bounce rate and much more. Our SEO monthly plans will allow you to keep taking advantages of our blazing fast SEO Framework that will be implemented on your website as part of the monthly plan.

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